7 Ways to Plump your Lips

We all want plump, youthful-looking lips, right? Rather than finding a cosmetic surgeon to implant who-knows-what or an aesthetic nurse to inject your lips with filler temporarily – whereas both methods would break the bank – wouldn’t it be easier, less painful, and less expensive to first try one of these seven DIY ways to plump your lips without injections?

Idea #1 – Exfoliate Your Lips

Only the best for your skin AND your lips! Because dry, flakey lips often look flat and dull, quickly massaging them with an exfoliating product that contains microbeads may be exactly what you need. This gentle rubbing will increase the blood circulation and remove any dry, dead skin, increasing the shine of your lips and moisturizing them more thoroughly.

Idea #2 – Apply a Lip Mask

Simply peel off the adhesive backing (like a sticker), position onto your lips, and try not to smile or talk for approximately 15 minutes. All of the rich nutrients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, bitter cherry extract, flower oil, etc.) will work together to smoothen and plump your lips. Shop for your favorite, or make it yourself.

Idea #3 – Experiment with Lip Oil

A lip oil is similar to lip gloss in the sense that they both feel gooey. Like lip gloss, lip oil will improve the appearance of the lips’ plumpness by sealing any dry creases and giving the lips more of an overall sheen. You can use lip oil under lipstick, on top of lipstick, or all by itself. You’d be surprised at the results you can get with natural oils.

Idea #4 – Try a Red Lipstick

Nude-colored and pink-colored lipsticks can give your lips a ‘washed out’ look, and darker shades can make thin lips more noticeable. Maybe give a bright, primary red lip tone a try. It will refract light and give an illusion of a plumper-looking mouth as a whole.

Idea #5 – Go Over the Top!

If you decide to wear a lip shade, follow with a clear or tinted lip gloss. Although shades of pink often have the potential of ‘washing out’ your lips, simply applying a spot of clear lip gloss in the center of your lower lip and in the lower center of your upper lip can give an instant ‘swollen’ effect.

Idea #6 – Outline Just Past the Lip Line

This is an age-old beauty trick that can be used with any color you choose. Draw just slightly outside of the center of your natural lip line on your lower lip and on your upper lip. Outlining the cupid’s bow of the upper lip may be tricky, but take your time. When you’ve finished with this, connect the lines with each other and fill in the empty spaces.

Idea #7 – Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow

Highlighter isn’t just for your cheekbones – if you add a little shimmer to your Cupid’s bow, it will open up your lips, making them look more voluptuous…either apply it with your finger along the Cupid’s bow or use a soft fluffy brush. If you’re feeling extra, you can even add a little to the center of your lower lip to make it appear fuller.

8 Makeup Hacks to Make your Lips Look Bigger, Huda Beauty

Use the lighting to your advantage. Apply a highlighter both in the center of your cupid’s bow (middle of the M) of your upper lip and in the center of your lower lip. This will help to plump your lips, or at least give the appearance of plump lips. The glare and the shadows of the room will work together to make your lips stand out.

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