[DIY] Honey Masks

Don’t want to break the bank to buy expensive masks? How do we know we are not wasting money with these expensive ‘natural’ masks when the ingredients can be found right in our cupboard? Here is a video tutorial of 4 honey face mask recipes that you can easily and affordably make at home.

[Favorites] KNC Eye Mask

KNC Beauty Shooting Star Mask $25 for 5 Features: effective retinol-rich eye masks  What do they do? They plump up and hydrate the under-eye area that need a lot of TLC. Pros: Cute packaging and shape! Cons: A bit on the pricier side.

[Favorites] Drunk Elephant Babyfacial

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial $80 Another intense exfoliant. Use it for one-a-month self-care days. Features: High concentration of AHAs  + 2% BHA What does it do? Buffs away dead skin cells, leaving skin bright and polished. Cons: Use sparingly, and only infrequently (about once a month).

How to Dress 100x Better

How are you alway so stylish? Do you buy clothes all the time? How do you plan your outfits? People are going to be asking you these questions ALL THE TIME after watching these two life-changing videos. Let us know how these videos have influenced your style!

Nabla Wild Berry Eye Shadow Look

A great new summer, berry-inspired look — do this look with just one palette! STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Inner tearduct: Alchemy 2.0 Inner lid: Alchemy 2.0 Middle of lid: Bucolic Baby Outer lid: Blackberry Crease: Botanic Juice Deep crease: Blackberry Above crease: Venom Browbone: Incense, Alchemy 2.0 (under arch) Lower lash line: Perversion, Alchemy 2.0 Cheeks: Interstellar Lips: Staying Up Source: https://www.temptalia.com/looks/nabla-cosmetics-wild-berry-eyeshadow-look/