How to get your life together

Now is the perfect time to get our lives together. It’s long past the start of the year and our resolutions may be waning. An epidemic is ravaging the country and the world, and that’s exactly why you and I as individuals must learn to stand up and go about our day with confidence and your natural good looks. Let’s examine a few simple habits you can start right now that will last until and beyond the end of the year.

Plan Your Day

Knowing what’s ahead of you helps you keep your workload manageable, and a manageable workload allows you to consider short and long-term personal and professional goals. You can use your phone, but you can also take the opportunity to practice your calligraphy by writing in a beautiful notebook. Do this right before you leave for work, on your way home, or right before you sleep.

Workout Once a Week

Set a workout for at least once a week. I do a short elliptical workout followed by some weights and a stairmaster. But if you are limited by tools and equipment, it can very easily be a simple home workout such as a 20-minute core workout, or even a jog around the block if that suits your interest best. Once you get your blood flowing, I guarantee you’ll feel better and much more confident. It’s best to start now, so once you finally do get out of the house you’ll already be off to a good start.

Girl, Wash Your Face

It’s easy to put off washing your face until you inevitably knock out. But no, it’s better to just tough up and take care of things as soon as you get home. Wash your face, remove makeup, and take the opportunity to go through a skincare routine or use a face mask to rejuvenate your skin.

Take some Time to Tidy Up

Always set a short time to tidy up the house at the end of your day. If it works with your schedule, set a timer to complete certain tasks. i.e. your moisturizing routine, putting away miscellaneous products and the like. It shouldn’t take very long at all. And with only a few simple steps, I hope your life is a little bit more put-together.

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