Straight Brows are In Style

How and Why to Sculpt Straight Brows

sculpting straight brows

While arched eyebrows may give an impactful look by ‘opening’ and ‘lifting’ the eyes, they can be difficult to achieve. When done incorrectly, arched eyebrows can make you look surprised, angry, or even unhealthy if overly tweezed (and it’s very easy to get carried away.) Regardless of thoroughly examining shaping courses, eyebrows may come out too arched, too far apart, or too thin. Arched eyebrows are also likely to ‘age’ your face, giving a look of being too-made-up. Conversely, straight brows are more simply achieved while continuing to give a manicured, bold look.

The natural-looking shape of straight brows makes sleepy eyebrows seem thicker and fuller. They mimic the way our eyebrows were as children, suddenly giving a look of youthfulness. People subconsciously find this to be attractive because of biological roots representing fertility and good health, but a discussion about development is for another article.

Beauty in Simplicity

sculpting straight brows

This look is optimal for a casual day. The simplicity of a straight brow means it’s ideal for the informal, ‘no makeup’ look. When exhibiting a straight brow, this complements the roundness of your eye, causing it to appear larger and more circular. While straight eyebrows typically cause the eyes to appear larger and more spherical, an arched eyebrow will bring the focus toward the corners of a narrow shape, thus minimizing their appearance a bit.

The manner in which you tweeze your eyebrows and sculpt them is also capable of affecting every expression. What do people mean when they say that the eyebrows ‘frame’ the face? You may have assumed that your hair does this, but let’s go over some key points to keep in mind.

Eyebrow Sculpting Tips

  • Eyebrows that are too dark can give an anemic look to your face while creating a ‘harsh’ appearance.
  • Straight eyebrows can give a boyish look to your face. The degree to which this boyishness is given will depend on how evenly and/or distinctly they’ve been sculpted.
  • Eyebrows that are lengthy can give your cheeks, as well as the lower half of your face, a more defined/chiseled appearance.
  • Where/how much you shadow your eyebrows can visually reduce the size of your nose. It minimizes the distance between your eyebrows while lengthening and narrowing your nose.
  • The arch height of each of your eyes can cause the overall shape of your eyes to look larger and more open. Remember to always line up the end of each eyebrow with the outermost edge of each eye.
  • The precise position of each of your arches can give differing impressions. You can appear disoriented, startled, unhappy, sad, angry, etc.
  • Straight eyebrows can make your face appear more youthful and are intended to mimic the natural eyebrows of young teens while appearing a little less maintained.

Regardless of how our natural eyebrow is shaped, always keep your chin up!

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